The Seven Factors Behind Link Optimization

Introduction to Link Optimization

The links to your website reflect a lot of information back onto your site. This greatly affects your website ranking. Link optimization is important to have as a part of your seo plan. This post will discuss the seven ways links to your website affect your search engine results ranking, as well as the importance of link optimization.

How links affect your search engine ranking
The seven factors of link optimization.

Anchor text

Anchor text is important for on page and off page optimization. It is very potent information for search engines. A website without crawlable information for the search engine to find will look for the anchor text leading to your site. Backlinks are important for getting a website higher up on search results. However it’s important to note where these come from. Backlink indexers are a great way to see where your site is being linked. Allowing you to determine how it reflects back onto the site.


Site authority is based first on topical relevance, and next on how respected the source is. Depending upon the authority of the site, having a link placed there could positively or negatively affect your search engine ranking.  A site with high authority linking to your site would increase the credibility of your site. This signals to the search engine that your site is reputable and deserving of a higher placement on the search results. It would take much website search engine marketing to get onto a high authority site without being respectable already.


How easily spammers are able to infiltrate a site determines how trustworthy the site is. A heavily spammed site linking to your site can damage your search engine ranking. However, a link from a trusted website will bring your site higher on the results page. Evaluating the trust of the website involves looking into sites that link to the site. If other trusted websites link to a site that in turn links to your site, then your site is more likely to be considered trustworthy.


It’s important to be on sites that discuss relevant information. Websites that discuss the same topic as your site and link to your site are worth more than links from random sites. Sites that are topically relevant reinforces to the search engine what your site is about and makes it easier for the search engine to classify your site as being within a specific genre.

Temporal factors

Search engines keep track of when links pop up to your website. They look at whether they all appeared simultaneously or over a period of time. Search engines also notice if links to your site disappear, how quickly they appeared (or disappeared), and the authority of the site that they appear on. For the sake of website optimisation  and getting linked from sites, it’s important to have links to your site that are timely and steady. Search engines look out for sites that buy links and it definitely leads to a negative effect on the search engine results page.

Context and Relevance

The best search engine algorithm will compare the context and relevance of the links to your site among links. Search engines determine whether all the links on the linking site are of high authority and relevant to your site. Depending on the authority and trustworthiness  of the other links on the site, it could mean a higher or lower ranking on the search engine results page. The search engine also looks at the placement of the link on the site. Links in the body of the content are typically better than those placed to the side or bottom. Being a part of another site’s seo content, as a high authority website, signals to search engines that your website is trustworthy. Additionally, this will increase your placement on the results page.

Source diversity

As any seo guide would say,  a diversity of domains increases your spot on the search engine results page. In contrast, it is typically detrimental to have all of the links to your site from the same owner. Search engines like real, organic, trustworthy links from multiple domains.

What is the take away?

Link optimization should be an important part of your SEO strategy. Closely  monitoring your links will help optimize your search ranking. Search engine ranking tools are a good way to monitor how your website is competing against other sites. They can also help you move forward with an seo plan. The old adage,  “that you’re only as good as the company you keep,” rings true for websites as well.


How can I Maximize my SEO ROI?

Maximizing SEO ROI

The business world is “dog-eat-dog”. As competition for mind share, customers, market share, and profits continue to grow, creating a quality online presence becomes paramount. While many SBOs have a rudimentary knowledge of what SEO is, some might be asking themselves, how do I begin implementing SEO, and how do I maximize my SEO ROI?

There are Various SEO Tools

Most small businesses and startups have very limited capital with which to work, and need to capitalize quickly on the investments they make. If this is the case for your company, one suggestion is to learn SEO yourself. There are various SEO tools available online, which can help cash-strapped organizations achieve their website marketing goals. SEO courses such as Coursera can help you to master SEO tools and strategies for cheap. By consulting with SEO experts through an online course, you may be able to acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve the rankings you’d like without contracting an expensive SEO agency.

The SEO Calculator and Google’s Keyword Planner

In addition to online courses, an SEO calculator can be useful. This resource can be beneficial for defining search engine optimization pricing directly for specific business, and analyzing the efficiency of selected keywords and other campaign parameters. Compact reports provide information such as competitor keywords and can help you identify your required amount of link mass. Google’s Keyword Planner also provides excellent information regarding search trends, keyword search volumes, and can help you set up your search campaigns up for success by identifying opportunities for you.

SEO Specialists

While there are many online tools available, quality SEO books can also help to master the art of search engine optimization. For me, reading “The Art of SEO” by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jesse C. Stricchiola has helped improve my knowledge of search engines drastically, and allowed me to better understand the strategic planning required to capitalize on SEO. SEO specialists and authors who have published their work are usually some of the best and most knowledgeable resources to learn from.

Online Marketing Companies

For some small businesses, personal research is not enough. In order to extract the full value from SEO, some companies find that contracting with a well-respected online marketing agency is necessary. By contracting with an SEO company in your area, it is likely you will find an online marketing company dedicated to walking you though your industry’s best-practices and guiding your website SEO every step of the way. While this option is likely to be much more expensive, relying on experts who work with SEO every single day can be comforting as you try to build your business.

SEO Strategy

Regardless of how you implement SEO into your online business, including all of the elements of SEO strategy into your plans from the beginning will help ensure that you maximize your SEO ROI. Some of these include understanding what your organization is trying to promote in the first place, and who the exact target market is. Other details which must be accounted for involve how you wish to structure your website (including site content assets). You should also have a good grasp of how you want to brand your company, your editorial resources, and what your competitive landscape looks like. Additionally, it is vital that you factor in the ease with which the content and site structure can be modified by understanding  your CMS and web development teams thoroughly.

Achieve the ROI Improvements you Desire

Ultimately, a company that seeks a high ROI from SEO must increase online visibility, drive targeted traffic, and measure the performance of that traffic to determine whether or not overall business objectives are being achieved. The various tools, resources, and suggestions listed above provide an excellent start for this. So whether you are just beginning your quest to implement SEO best practices, or you’ve been working at it for years, continuing your efforts through personal research, contracting with qualified partners, and simply outlining your initial SEO strategy better by accounting for key marketing elements will allow you to realize the ROI improvements you desire.


How to Maximize SEO ROI