SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a main mainstream marketing activity in our world today. It’s the process of affecting the visibility of a website in organic search results. It is also a technical marketing function that relies on both content creation and technology development. Therefore, having a well thought out plan and strategy for SEO is crucial for a business. The company will need to have specific goals and know the markets its in. It should also know its website structure, it content, and the competitive landscape to name a few things. For these reasons, every business in the world need to customized their SEO strategy appropriately. This paper is to show the importance of strategies/or planning of SEO for website.

With that being said there are a few things a company need to understand such as the search traffic and the intent of visitors. SEO can be used for raw traffic to your site, the company need create a thematically targeted content to be able to rank for search queries. This leads to direct traffic, social media sharing, and referral traffic. This can result in a more visibility for the business. However, there are a few things a business needs to consider in order to use SEO for a raw traffic. First, SEO for raw traffic should be use when it can monetize traffic without actions or financial transactions taking place on the site. This usually comes in the form of advertising. SEO can also be used for lead generation and direct marketing. It can be used for non-ecommerce product, services or goals that the company want to accomplish on it site or to attract inquires and/or direct contact over the web. Second, keyword targeting, the goal here is to create a high-quality content that would targets interesting search. These keywords can be as broad as can be for this reason. It should be a phrase that have a measurable traffic and had converted in a pay-per-clicks campaign. Companies should also avoid using words that cannot be understand by those outside of their work. Last but not least, page and content creation/optimization. The site needs crawlable link structure to get have it content indexed. It’s also important to make the articles easy to share and optimized for viral spreading.

A business should understand its audience and find it market in order to developed it website. This will also help with SEO and content development for the organization. It’s important to know and understand the target market and what audiences intentions are. This can help determine how a company set up its webpage and the type keywords to use for the site. It also helps the business determine what is relevant for the current and potential customers. With that being said, it’s also important to segment its customers. Because, not all customers are within the same demographic. To have a different content for different age or gender for customers. This is crucial in creating a proper content and expressing the importance of customers.  

It is also important to understand the competitive environment within the market as it can have a great deal of how webpage operates. Therefore, it’s important to know what competitors are doing and this can result in building a better SEO or business goal content in general. For example, understanding a competitor weakness or strength can provide room for exploitation. This can help create a different content than the competitors or using different keywords to build the best SEO strategy possible. Also, it’s important to be cautious when targeting competitors link strategies because their link may not always workout or working temporarily.

With all that being said a SEO plan should be developed as soon as possible even if that means before the its website. Because SEO decisions can have huge impact on other contents such as web development, content development, and other marketing groups. Content for a site is the king in SEO, because it’s the main driver of engagement on the internet and it’s an important element of online effort. Because having a great content will give customers a reason to enjoy the website or at least keep them around longer on the it. Content will also affect keyword research and the structure of the it. Because it’s the main information that a search engine uses to understand what the page is about.

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