What is a SEO? SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a collection of tools that help your website rank highest in search engine results. SEO is used by websites/companies to guarantee that the website will be found through keywords. Since most Internet users do not scroll through tons of content to find their needed information, they rely heavily on keywords to narrow it down from 100 websites to 10. Both parties benefit from great optimization, the user who finds their needed info, and the site that generates traffic. Make sure you understand the following, SEO is not a way to spam or trick websites into showing your website first but it is simply a better guarantee that the site will show first by having great key words. When operating an SEO Optimization, you want to keep these tips in mind; who your audience is, optimizing websites that are mobile friendly, and WHAT your audience is searching for. As technology is progressing, keywords have to be more specific that might require things such as demographics. It is also important to focus on the following tools when creating an optimization; having a strong social media and having a clear analysis. If a company has a clear analysis, it is easier to monitor which words are being searched in the query that can improve your search engine keywords. This is important because websites want to obtain a high click-through rate, CTR, from the search results. In today’s growing tech world, social media is a very important way for companies to grow their site. To be in successful in optimizing the SEO, grow your social media platform. Companies like Wendy’s and Tesla use their social media very efficiently because they advertise and direct traffic to their website through social media interaction and direct messaging.

To run an efficient SEO, you will need a sitemap. What is a sitemap? A sitemap is a tool or a file that will provide information about your site; such as information about the pages, videos and other contents on the site. Search Engines like Bing and Google will scan your site and provides information. Such as, it will show you data on how long the user watched the video on your site, which external links they clicked and how long they stayed on your site. Websites like YouTube will share this data with their users so that Youtube content creators know the best way to earn money and generate traffic on their sites. Sitemap is a great tool to run a succesful SEO because it will help you monitor which sites and external links search engines are missing out on. You can ensure that the sites are not being ignored and that traffic is heading that way.

The last thing to mention about an SEO, is keyword density. Studies have found that word count is more effective and more important the number of keywords used. Meaning, most users are looking for how long the article/site is. Keyword density also involves being efficient, and relevant. Just like this blog post, it is important that the site has relevant information to the SEO, or whatever the site is about. Be comprehensive when covering the topic, do not drag on the information because the site user will switch over to the next site. Most users are very impatient, it is crucial that you site catches attention with relevant data. When choosing key words, valuable content will lead to high traffic and higher rankings.

To answer the question, what is a SEO? It is a Search Engine Optimization that involves using smart and keywords to direct more traffic to your website. The above listed tools will lead more traffic and users to your website.