If you have ever been a part of a start-up company or a small business you have probably asked yourself, “How can I drive more traffic in order to drive more sales?” Sales have always been the life blood of companies. Without them, there is no other way to sustain and grow a business. In today’s business world it is important to understand the impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your company web page, blog posts, and content have on your company’s ability to increase traffic and ultimately acquire new customers in today’s digital world where online traffic could make or break your company.

SEO consists of creating a website that is easy for new customers to not only find you, but that puts them on landing pages that are rich in content that will likely persuade them to buy your product or service. Altering web page content to optimally showcase certain aspects of whatever it is you are trying to catch potential customer’s attention for will make it easier for search engines like google to prioritize your web page to individuals who are performing searches online. I would like to cover a few ways in which a company can drive sales with SEO and digital marketing.

Know Your Target Customer

It is a necessity to understand exactly who it is you are trying to get on your web page and ultimately persuade them to make a purchase. Keywords must be catered to this audience in order to drive traffic to your web page. Understanding your product as well as possible will allow you to understand which type of group or individual will be the best fit to target. If your product or service is similar to others already in the market, it would be wise to research what they do to drive more traffic to their website. Once you have a good idea of who your target customer is, you can create a game plan to create content that will capture their interest.


Creating content that is in line with what they searched for is a critical first step. You do not want someone to click on an ad and end up on a web page that is completely irrelevant to what they were searching for. Good Pictures, informative blog posts, and effective keywords are all ways to make sure that content is good, relevant and likely to help you and your business accomplish that what you hope to accomplish. There is a lot of material that goes in greater depth and teaches you exactly how you can make sure your content is up to or above par. One specifically on keywords and content can be found here.

Website Interface

The last thing you want to do is drive traffic to your web page only to have the end user get lost and/or be confused. Landing Pages should be simple and easy to navigate. Even our friends at convince and convert agree that simplicity is key! Potential customers should be able to quickly find the information they are looking for or easily make a purchasing decision on the product or service you are looking to sell. The flow and layout of your web page must be simple and easy to navigate to avoid causing any roadblocks or slow downs on the potential customers path to purchasing.

Ryan Weese