While using any search engine like Bing, Google, Firefox, etc., two types of results can be found: Google AdWords, (PPC) advertisements, and organic search results driven by the users keyword search. Both search engine optimization and PPC management will drive traffic to your site and are therefore critical to the success of an online marketer. If you are unfamiliar with what pay per click (PPC) or search engine optimization is you can familiarize yourself with both here.

AdWords reside in the margins of a web page, whether on the top, bottom, or side, and the organic list generated from keywords flow through the middle of the page. By combining both search engine optimization and pay per click options, your customers will find you appearing on both the organic and purchased locations of a searched web page. A strategy of managing PPC alongside organic Keyword searches will help your business project a robust online presence, helping you rise above your competitors because it addresses the organic and paid search medium for generating customers.

Relevant content is generated if a customers experience within a search engine leads directly to the desired content. This is the shared goal of optimizing your search engine for both the customer and content generator.  A tried and true method of testing your keywords is to trial them with your work surrounding pay per click advertising (Adwords optimization) and is worth exploring as ultimately it will jump-start your efforts towards search engine exposure.

This way of testing keywords through PPC advertising provides insight to which words have been searched, clicked on, and converted for profit.  Search engine strategy is simplified through this method and alleviates some of the need for keyword tools or PPC management tools.

While some advertisers don’t start with PPC initially, it helps to expose the keywords quickly without having to generate a list of organically converting keywords over time to know which exact words are most profitable and lead to conversion.

We know that Google returns the BEST results for user defined search and some might argue that SEO is free while PPC is, well… PAY PER CLICK. So why would you ever PPC? The reality is SEO is not free. Not if you want to hold the top position in any google search. It takes time, energy, and expertise and whether that is your time or paid time for another agency to optimize your organic search it still comes at a cost. You can learn more about the cost of PPC here. The cost of optimizing your search results obviously varies with how and who is doing the optimizing. A google search reveals the average SEO expert charges between $80 and $130 per hour. There are generally speaking, two ways to go about hiring such an expert.  First, a monthly retainer will cost any where from $800 to $1500. The second option for securing needed SEO expertise is based off of performance.  This option may be free to start but then pricing becomes variable depending on the success of your experts’ results.

Ultimately using SEO and PPC brings greater visibility to your webpage. Combining the two offers quick, effective results as opposed to using only SEO advertising strategies or pay per click advertising alone.  It’s time to generate high-volume traffic in an efficient manner and SEO and PPC utilizes both tools for greatest effect.