Know your online audience.

It is vital to know who your potential online audience is before you market on the internet. You can create a website with multiple SEO (search engine optimization) tools and trending keywords; however, if you don’t know your audience, then you don’t know what keywords to use.  Your online content will have little impact if it is not pitched to the appropriate audience. Marketing to a defined audience is more powerful than keywords targeting everyone. To compete online, you must understand how your target audience uses the internet, and the terms they use for online searches. A website visitor may bounce off your website if the language they use in their search is different than what you expect.

Before you market to your desired audience, you must identify them, and this may be the most challenging part of the digital marketing process. You will need to do some research to understand who your audience is. There are different ways to find out what your potential market is. A simple online search can lead you to websites and online tools that will help you determine your audience

To understand your target-group you need to be an expert at your product. An excellent place to start is to define what your product is and if the public would have an interest in it. Your product may be unique enough to capture a niche market with growth potential, or it may have no audience at all.  Searching the internet for similar products or services will give the information on the current online market and if there is a marketable audience. It is essential to perform a market analysis that will help you understand the current online market and how people search on the internet. A market analysis will help you understand online traffic and how to direct it to your site more effectively.

Once you have a firm understanding of your product, information, or services, you can define your ideal customer. Some questions you would want to answer about your potential customer might include:

•    What age group does your product appeal to

•    What genders are interested in your product.

•    What economic group do you want to target and what is their average income.

•    Does your ideal customer has shared values.

•    Where does your target-group live?

This type of demographic information will allow you to optimize your online content and compete online. It is also important to know how your audience uses social media and what platforms they utilize. Marketing on social media is a vital part of online marketing and will allow you to reach a broader audience.

Now that you have identified your target-group, you can market directly to them on multiple online platforms to reach the most individuals in your target audience. A website can be developed using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that will draw in your audience. Utilizing the keywords your defined market understands in your website content will direct more potential customers from online search engines. Understanding your audience is the most crucial step in creating an effective online presence where you can effectively compete for customers.   -Jan Martini-