In the last couple of decades, brick and mortar retailers have seen the drop-in market shares due to the growth of e-commerce. There is very high competition in online retails, to be successful, a marketing strategist has to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). According to the census as reported by Kate Rooney report for the economy post in CNBC, the clicks online retail sector has increased from 5 percent market share from the 1990s to 12 percent in 2019. The article “Online shopping overtakes a major part of retail for the first time” summarizes crucial key point in last month report, stating the online retail sales in the U.S. was higher than the general merchandise sales of the first time in history.

Internet searches are track and monitor by SEO analyst to use in applying for the best strategy in an online retail marketing campaign. With a proper SEO Strategy, online retail could maximize its potential to reach more online visitors for sales conversions. Typing in E-commerce SEO in google search brings many search results in providing E-commerce SEO courses, E-commerce SEO audit, E-commerce SEO services, and E-commerce SEO tutorial, all of these gear towards making an online presence for the better search result of implementing a successful search engine optimization plan.

Many online retail shops also take advantage of professional SEO services and company to help build their presence and target the proper audience“How Leading E-Commerce Companies Drive Traffic to Their Websites” written by Anna Lebedeva, details the SEO traffic of the leading e-commerce significant retailers in the United States. According to the blog, direct traffic accounts for nearly 50 percent of the site visits. These are people who are repeat customers or people who already know the site existence. The organic search traffic is responsible for 38 percent of the monthly traffic, making it focuses on any retailer to focuses on SEO strategy to maximizes their site visitors’ numbers. The Digital Influence Index claims eighty-nine percent of consumers surveyed use Internet search engines to make purchasing decisions, punctuating the need for a reliable search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. By taking care of the SEO strategy, any company, small or big, can have a higher-ranking presence online to make their site visible to a potential buyer by showing up to the search result pages. Lebedev explains traffic from organic search is free and long-lasting, which makes the company less dependent on advertising budgets. Her blog lists the top three American e-commerce retailers (Amazon, Wal-mart, and Apple) with matching data showing that they get most organic traffic compares to other online retailers. Ranking by organic traffic put Amazon at number 1 with 450,000,000; Apple at number 2 with 134,000,000 and Walmart at number 3 with 120,000,000. According to eMarketer, Amazon’s sales are at $79.3 billion, while Walmart is $13.5 billion, and Apple totals at $12 billion. As per Lebedeva, this proves that SEO pays off in the long run by attracting quality traffic in large volumes without paying for it directly.

Nikki Lam