As technology continues to develop, our access to information grows. Search engines allow you to see thousands of websites that you otherwise would have not know about. There are quite a few qualifications to meet to be one of the first sites that pops up for a consumer. These spots are highly coveted and competed for. The number one way to compete for these spots is to have relevant content on your site. In this blog, I will give you SEO tips to help you understand how to create an SEO plan and decide what content to put on your site for search engine optimization.

Step 1:

The first thing that you have to do is decide what product, content, or service that you want your business to offer. For your SEO business strategy to be successful, it is important that you understand and follow your goals.

Step 2:

Being a website developer, it is up to you to determine what information you want to share with the site viewers. It is important to analyze the market and discover your strengths and weaknesses in your SEO niche.

Step 3:

When designing your website, you need to tailor it to your target market. You can choose and bid on keywords that will affect when your site appears. Keywords are terms that actual consumers are searching. When one of the words you have bid on is searched, it will pull up your page. The more direct that these keywords are, the higher your site will be ranked and you will appear on consumer searches more frequently. It is thought that the most important step in creating a SEO friendly website, is to have good keyword research. Once you find your keywords, you need to create content that incorporates them. This will allow you to effectively answer the query and be more valuable to your user.

Step 4:

You need to make sure that you have a competitive advantage, with your business and your information. The information that you produce has to differ than the information produced by your competitor and cannot be duplicate content. There needs to be unique content that offers value to the consumer to make them want to stay on the website. You need to consistently ask yourself, am I producing quality content?

Step 5:

Search engines are more favorable of new and reliable content. This means that your site needs to be up to date to be seo friendly. This does not mean that you need to be adding new pages or constantly changing your information. However, it does mean that your content needs to be relevant to the current situation. Search Engine Land has a good example of this using an active hurricane. If you search the term hurricane and there is no active hurricane, the site that will appear will most likely be reference sites. If you search the term when there is an active hurricane, more news and informational sites will appear.

Website rankings are continuously changing, but you have a better chance of staying a top ranking company by following these steps. For the ultimate content optimization guide, read this article by Kaiser.

Sarah Christiansen