As the internet becomes more and more prevalent to business, it’s important to understand what SEO is and how best to optimize it. SEO is search engine optimization, one of the best ways to optimize is to effectively use keywords. What is a keyword? A keyword is what people search on Google to find product, information, or services. There are a few ways to best optimize keywords. The goal of using keywords is to increase your ranking on Google searches, a few things to consider are keyword density, keyword quality, and keyword position. Keyword density is how often a keyword is used compared to other words in a description. Keyword quality is how measured by AdWords keyword tool to see how it matches people’s searches. Keyword position is tied to keyword ranking, the best keywords are ones that are frequently searched and ones that generate the most clicks. There are many keyword tools that can be utilized to best optimize a webpage to generate higher rankings on Google. As mentioned above AdWords keyword tool is an important tool to find the best keywords that google recognizes as important. Below is an example of what the website looks like. Also, referred to Google keyword tool, this is an effective way to optimize keywords. These tools these tools are used as a keyword planner, it’s important to take into consideration meta keywords. Meta keywords are the keywords that go into the HTML code as a website is created. It’s important to keep these keywords relevant and concise. As Google analyzes website, this is what it reads to determine if a website is relevant to a potential costumer’s search. When creating your HTML code, it’s important to factor in keyword density and keyword quality. The meta keywords used in the code should not be repeating. For example, if you’re in the candy business and one of your keywords is chocolate, you should not simply repeat chocolate in repetition over and over again. This is why Google takes into consideration keyword density. Another useful tool is keyword everywhere. Keyword everywhere is a browser add-on that helps show the competition for certain keywords and shows search volume that potential customers are using. If AdWords keyword tool does not provide you with enough keywords, there are a few other ways to find additional keywords relevant to your business. There are several cites that can be used as keyword finders. Simply conduct a Google search for keyword finder and several sites will populate to help you optimize your website and Google ranking. Another simple way of finding keywords is by typing in Google’s search bar and using the related words that Google will populate for you. Google provides a lot of information to help you optimize your rankings, you just need to find them and employ them into your website. As you use your various keywords the most important things I would recommend taking into consideration is keyword density and keyword quality. Also, remember to keep your meta keywords in your HTML code concise with little repetition.

-Ryan Wengreen