When you first think of search engines, it is likely that Google search is what comes to mind. When looking for information about a topic on Google, you might feel overwhelmed with all of the results that are showing up because your search results are so broad. This is all positive until you realize a lot of this information isn’t helping you find the exact materials you were looking for. This is where a Google vertical search would be extremely helpful. Vertical search is a form of search engine that specifically narrows in on a particular topic or industry and focuses on a limited data set. Making it easier to find the information you are in search of. This type of search engine is also commonly known as a specialty or topical search engine.

Examples of Vertical Search:

Vertical search engines can be utilized in two different ways. First, vertical search engines are most commonly applied to specialty websites such as Tripadvisor, a  travel site used to find the best things to do in the area you are going to be traveling to. Amenities on the website include nearby hotels, restaurants, travel forums and past user reviews. Everything on this site falls under the topic of traveling. Indeed is another great example of a vertical search specialty website. A search engine created for employment related inferences, where numerous companies post job listings, and job seekers can directly apply to the listing by attaching a resume that will be sent straight to the company. Any site that focuses on a niche market is considered a vertical search engine.

Next, major search engines such as Google, offer certain category restricted searches including images, videos, news, blogs and shopping underneath the search bar. Although these categorizes might be standard offerings from the vendors, they are differentiated from the search engines original function because they are divided into category specific results. The use of vertical search engines allows online marketing advertisers to increase their each on the target audience.

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Vertical Search Engine Ranking:

Relevance ranking for vertical search, if done correctly can provide many opportunities to the SEO specialist. Having a high ranking in vertical search results essentially leads to a higher placement in web search results. Obtaining a high vertical search engine ranking can be generated by using keywords. Keywords need to be as specific and as strategic as possible. Putting keywords in various places on your site can also increase your viewing and ranking. For example, you can add keywords to the image text to increase the the chance of that image showing up on vertical image searches.

Why Vertical Search Engines are Important:

This specific search engine makes the search processes a lot easier and faster for the individuals who are looking for them. Not only does this benefit the user, but the business as well. It is important for a company to utilize this type of search engine to increase the amount of times their content will be put in places that the user will see.  

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Sofia Sotelo