Most of companies have their own websites, and they are focusing on their website for diverse reasons. Good websites always lead traffic, so that websites can inform about their companies, products, promotions, and etc., In order to complete your mission to occur more traffic, it is better to evaluate your website by using several tools you can actually add-in on your Google Chrome. I would like to introduce 2 types of tools which can improve your website by diagnosing website in keywords, comparing to competitors, traffic ranks, and others. SEO toolbox includes two useful tools: SEOquake, SEMrush.

*SEOquake and *SEMrush

Google Chrome extensions called SEOquake and SEMrush are two tools I would like to introduce in this article. SEOquake is a platform which can examine both external and internal links and gives you general evaluation of website including Page info, diagnosis, keyword density, and comparing URLs. SEMrush gives you variety of analysis of traffic, keywords, domain, and even more information and suggestion for you to improve website.

SEOquake, is one of the most useful toolbar which is offered free to all users. Over 20,000,000 webmasters have downloaded and utilizing this toolbar at 2011, and there are much more webmasters are actually using this toolbar.

Exhibit 1-1
Evaluating University of Utah website by using SEOquake toolbar.
Source: University of Utah website

As shown on (Exhibit 1-1), users can simply estimate their website’s index ranking in several websites listed on toolbar. Furthermore, by clicking SEOquake logo located right side of URL link, users are able to check more information about their website status from traffic rank, traffic source to comparison of competitor’s website as well (Exhibit 1-2). If you are interested in other information beside page information, you can definitely check keywords density, internal and external links, and also they are offering you page diagnosis about its content, structures and others.

Exhibit 1-2
Traffic information of University of Utah by using SEOquake.
source: University of Utah website

SEMrush, is well known as All-in-one maketing toolkit for digital webmasters, usefully utilizing SEO, PPC(Pay Per Click), keyword research, competitor analysis. advertising, social marketing, content marketing, and others. Founder of SEMrush emphasized that digital marketing does not have to be difficult, and this thought is the reason why they invented SEMrush. Although SEMrush consist of 28 tools, wide database, it is designed as easy as searching online and which can help users to achieve information they need. In collecting information you need from SEMrush, there are two categories you can utilize, Report and Project.

Generating report is really simple. Once access to main dashboard, put desirable domain or keywords into the search engine, related information will be provided in form of report format. Main data furnished from generating report can be organized for users to grasp competitor’s online strategies, understanding improvement and evaluation of user’s website, and even preparing for upcoming campaign targeting, and so one.

Since generating report deducts result from written current domain and keyword, SEMrush project is tracing from single designated domain. there are twelve tools are ready to use in project (Exhibit 2-1).

Exhibit 2-1
12 tools for diagnosing website or domain by SEMrush
source: SEMrush

Users can utilize or remove some of tools depend on users’ needs, they can generate separated campaign by using selected tools and manage them for entire project.

Having introduced this amazing Search engine platform for evaluating website, managing and utilizing those two main platform or tools will make a lot easier for users to assess their own or competitors website.