One of the keys to having a great company in the modern world is to have an effective web presence. To help achieve an effective web presence being able to be found on search engines can be game changing to companies. But how can a website improve how its web presence more than they have? One of the many answers is to improve the type of content that is published on the website. I want to share some ideas on how to determine if there is relevant content, if it is unique and share ways to grade the content.

Structure of Website Content

There are several factors in grading web content, the first being structure. The structure of website content can be overlooked very easily, but can play an important role in how search engines view a site. View-ability can help set your site apart from competing sites within your industry. If a site is easier to read the search engines will rank the site above the competition based on the ease to view the page. Sites need to maximize their keywords and their keyword density among their content. Does this differ from content enough to focus on it completely? Yes, the number of keywords used on a paragraph, page or site can help or hurt the sites chances of doing well.

Differentiating Content

The second factor involves websites differentiating content found on their site. Having unique content, while keeping it interesting, is one of the ways to check the content on your web page. It is important to have desired content, but if that content is found on other websites than it might not differentiate your site enough. Not only is it important to not repeat content found on other sites, do not repeat content of your own site. A goal of search engines is to get visits to your website but, more importantly to get those views to stay and keep coming back. If you provide content that is interesting enough to have viewers returning to your site, that can help your results on a search engine.

Website Grammar

The third factor I will be discussing in content grading is website grammar. Much like a paper that is written for a college assignment, grammar can make all the difference. Your content can be original, interesting and it can still be killed by a lack of spelling or correct use of grammar. Making sure the content is all of the previously stated is important to success, having the combination of uniqueness, creativity and grammar gives sites the best start for their content creation. One tool that can assist in checking your content against other sites to see if it is original is called PlagSpotter.

The three factors I have discussed can really help make a difference in the success of a website. These can be implemented in any stage of the website development process. Whether the site is brand new or is trying to boost their web presence and improve their website traffic. The structure of website content, differentiating that content, and website grammar are the three factors discussed that can make a difference on a website.

It all comes down to how effective a site can be in differentiating itself from the rest of the vast web. Using some of these suggestions is a great start to improving your sites view-ability, but it is just a start. Once you have the content created, the keywords in place and the structure of the site built it is time to start building the rest of your web presence. But having this starting block to boost your website and get viewers hooked on the great content is what can really make a difference in the success of your site.


Austin Meredith