When creating a website, a goal commonly shared among nearly everyone would be to have high traffic on the site, because who wouldn’t want that? It brings in more visitors, which can increase advertising revenue.
Making sure your site is search engine optimized is very important! What we’re going to focus on today is how to perform solid keyword research in order to optimize your site.

So what does that mean?

Great question! Lets start with the basics of keyword research. Every day, millions of people search on the internet (lets use Google for example). Some terms are search much more frequently than others. Searching “weather today” is probably much more common than something like “How do I get this unicorn out of my back yard”. About 30% of search terms are considered “popular” terms, while the remaining 70% are called “long tail” terms. It’s important to keep track of these terms because you want to bring in traffic to your site, but you need to make sure its the right traffic for your website.

What should I do now?

Take a look at your website? What kind of people do you want visiting your site? Lets say you are a Unicorn Distributor based on the planet Saturn. Think of some keywords: “Buy Unicorns”, “Unicorns for sale”, “Unicorns on Saturn”, and so on. Look at words and terms that describe your business, and make sure they are included in your site. If you are struggling to find keywords that would match your side, you can always head over to Google’s AdWords to look at common keywords that could be related to your site. Here’s a link for that: https://ads.google.com. You can use AdWords to do tons of research. If you want to find data on web-searching, you can most likely find it in Google’s AdWords.

How will this help me?

By using search engine optimization (SEO) you can optimize the amount of traffic that flows through your website. This is key, because what person wouldn’t want more people vising their site?! It enables you to open up the possibilities to earn more revenue from ads.

The Basics

Many search engines have ways of researching different keywords. Lets use Google as an example. One simple way to look at related terms is to search something like “Bikes”. If you scroll down to the bottom, there will be a list of terms saying “Searches related to Bikes” with a list of items that are related to bikes. This is one way to look at terms your viewers may look up, so you can identify what to include in your site. If you’re curious what that looks like, check out this link then scroll to the bottom.

Additionally, if you type “*” followed by a search term, it will come up with another list of keywords that include your selected term. See the image below

There you go!

Now you know the fundamentals of Keyword Research! Good luck on optimizing your site!