Most websites know who their target audience and knowing who you are marketing to is a great first step in optimizing your online presence. In the era of digital marketing you need to know how to use audience segmentation to help more users feel unique. If you are selling multiple products or using new tactics like topic clustering you can direct that search engine traffic in a more efficient manner. You can have the best seo basics in place but in the end you need to know your target audience.

Audience Segmentation of silhouetted people

A few factors used to optimize our audience segmentation.


Something as simple as age, gender or location can have a huge impact on how someone searches. A twenty year old and fifty year old searching for, “best running shoe” would likely have different ideas of what is considered ideal. They may fall within the same target market but there is a much better way to optimize your SEO then just showing them both the same result. Driving them to more unique content marketing by navigating them each through their own personalized version of a website is a much better way to reduce your bounce rate and drive more conversions.


Psychographics explain why your customers buy. They are the emotional responses to your target audience. These are ways to segment your audience by their concerns, values, and fulfillments. This segmentation is a valuable component in how to improve your SEO and drive search results to the best content marketing for conversion.

How to bring it together.

First, you have to observe your data.

Hopefully you are already working on some good SEO basics and you have some analytic software set up. Use it, use all that data to find the best way to advertise and how to see a more clear picture on your market segmentation. The more information you have on the psychographics, behaviors, and demographics of your audience the better you can tailor to each set.

Next you have to plan.

So you have analyzed your traffic data and now there is more to your target audience then you has previously thought. Now how do we use SEO to drive better results? You can optimize your results by driving them to specific landing pages. By creating unique content marketing your customer is more likely to turn in to a conversion when they are genuinely interest in the content. You can also optimize your email sign up and in that email try to further segment them by psychographics by actually asking what they want from this newsletter.

Lastly you have to test, adjust, and test again.

This last step is really a handful of things in one. You can track each new target audience and see how your new audience segmentation is working. Remember to have a control group to see if your SEO optimization is actually working. Look at the traffic and conversions on those new pages and on the new, more personalized content marketing. You should be looking for lift in clicks towards your conversion and patterns to validate it. Then keep moving forward with this knowledge in audience segmentation towards more successful SEO optimization.

Jordan Montano