SEO is an idea that is coming into play in a lot of marketing strategies via the internet. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is defined as, “the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results” ( It is the way that companies can direct traffic to their website or entice a user to their page via keywords that show up in the customers search. Since SEO is becoming such a growing idea, why is there no one size fits all approach?

The problem with one size fits all

In this article, Daniel Newman states that the worst piece of advice out there for a marketer is there is one successful solution to content marketing. Cookie cutter SEO ideas do not work because of the lack of similarity within so many companies. Sure, companies may seem similar and have similarities, but if you dig a little bit deeper then you can realize rather quickly that even just two companies could have fifty differences that would need special marketing aimed towards them.

Another article, describes a good example of why one size fits all is not an optimal solution to online marketing. Say you have two different pizza restaurants. On the outside, one might think that they could have the same marketing strategy and that they would both be successful. But if you did a bit of deeper looking you would see that Pizza shop A does mostly dine in eating and they fill up quick so a reservation is necessary. But with Pizza shop B people mostly order to go food so if you were wanting to dine in it would be much simpler. Pizza shop A’s competitors are mostly other restaurants where you go and have a sit down meal. Whereas Pizza shop B’s competitors are going to be other take-out restaurants such as Papa John’s

Online presence and Why it is Important

Newman mentions an idea that you should think of your company versus others as different personalities. When building an online presence it is important that you build your own online personality. No two humans have the same personality, so why should a website? It is important for a company to build a website and their marketing around their own brand, values, and culture. So a formula that a marketing company just handed out to everyone would not work for everyone, because everyone’s story and purpose is different from the next. To build your online presence you need to make sure that you are creating a marketing strategy based on what is important to you. If you build it loaded with key words and a ‘one size fits all formula’ consumers are going to feel the coldness of it and likely be turned off to the idea of using your website.


SEO is becoming all of the rage in today’s marketing world. One might think that there is one formula that can work for any similar situation but that is where so many can go wrong. It is important when building your online presence that you are original and pay special attention to your culture, values, and brand in order to market to the correct set of people and have better success in what you are trying to create and what you are trying to sell.