Search engines have created a giant spider web across the world wide web. No wonder they call it the web. From hyperlinks to keywords to rankings, there is always something new to learn about SEO. Today we will start with the basics, because to become a master at something you have to always start from the bottom.

What’s the point?

Why? Why is there such an obsession over SEO? The reason is because web pages are constantly competing to be “ranked” high enough on search results that the users will visit the page. SEO (search engine optimization) is used through search engines such as Google. The point is that Google uses over 200 factors to “rank” what pages go to the top of the search. SEO tries to find a way to beat the system.

The point is that Marketers want customers to visit their web page. If they fail to use key words or create a quality site, Google fails to list them on the first page of search results.


There’s all this talk about rankings, but HOW exactly do sites get ranked. Well of course there are over 200 factors that Google considers, but the most obvious factor is the credibility of the site. How popular is the web page? And what makes a web page popular? Well once again, there are many factors. This could be how many other web pages have a link that leads to yours? It all comes down – how important is your web page? This is all on how well the page is marketed and created. As a marketer you have to realize the importance of creating quality and valuable pages that other pages on the web find important as well. Read more about the basic concepts that lead to a high ranking here.

SEO Vocabulary

  • Key Word Phrase – a word or a phrase that you use on your web page to help increase your likeliness to appear at the top of the search
  • Organic Search – users who make it to your web page strictly because of SEO and keyword results
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) – the amount of times your web page is clicked on.
  • Search Volume – the amount of searches through search engines of any keyword. This is why it is important to do your research on popular keywords, so that you can integrate them into your articles.

Read about more important SEO vocabulary here!

Is SEO Worth It?

With the constant shift of a digital world, the answer to this is obvious. Without SEO, your web page will struggle to be successful and in return so will the business. There are so many reasons to integrate SEO into your page, but here are so of the most important ones.

Organic web searches are the most popular types of searches on the internet. It’s extremely essential to utilize Google as the majority of the world uses that site every single day. Also, using SEO results in a more unique and overall better user experience. Which this would obviously lead to a more popular website which results in high ranking results!

Darby Wayner