SEO should be one of the first things you plan about when wanting to start a website. If your website is not set up in a way that it can attract business or traffic, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Interestingly enough, a lot of professional business hire an SEO professional after the site has been created. It would be much easier to do this before the site is created in order to maximize the effectiveness of that site. The following are some of the things to think about and do before getting the SEO and your website running and generating traffic.

Don’t be cheap! Especially with Technology!

One thing that a lot of business owners don’t know is that not all technology is the same. Just because there is a cheap web hosting company offering a great deal, it does not mean it will benefit your business. There are a lot of different kinds of platforms that are designed in very cheap ways, They may look great, but the structure is not set up correctly. Although things may look nice and neat in the front end of the website, in the backstage, it is a mess. Things can get duplicated and not categorized correctly, making it hard for SEO’s to send people to your website, mainly because they are not connecting the dots between the person’s search and your site.

Know who your customers are!

One very important thing with any business is knowing how to catch the right fish, or the customers who are actually interested. This can be done by not being too obvious on your SEO. If your business is connected to a big industry and there are already some big players in that industry, make sure that your SEO is more specific to what you do or sell, instead of generalizing it. This will result in your website never seeing the light of day because the bigger companies are most likely paying more money than you and they will get the exposure.

Quality is key!

Getting people to your website is one thing. Getting them to stay there and either making a purchase, or choosing your company, is a whole other game. I don’t want to say this is the most important part of it all, but it certainly is one of them. You need to make sure your website has value that will attract the customer to stay there, and look around, and possibly make a purchase. This value will differ from industry to industry. You must have information, or the structure of the website seem attractive, and make it something that you, if you were a customer, would want to click on and stay on!

Know your competition!

The last important part of planning your SEO is to know what your competition is doing. This is true in any sort of business and not just when talking about SEO. But you should definitely influence your SEO decisions to make sure you have a strong SEO and don’t get consumed by your competition. You need to see what kind of keywords your competitors are using, seeing where their focus is on the market and maybe focus yours on something a little different. You must also look to see if you can find any weaknesses in their strategy, because then you can make that a strength of yours.

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Leo Calquin