What is the biggest difference between organic searches and paid searches? The difference comes down to the methods companies use to promote themselves. The basic difference is that with organic searches, companies have optimized themselves to show up organically in people’s searches online. This is known as SEO or search engine optimization and is a great way for companies to promote their business because it is cheap and effective. Regarding paid searches, this is a way for companies to actively promote themselves through a website like Google. This is known as SEM or search engine marketing and is a great way for companies to promote themselves and gain more recognition of they didn’t.

Organic Search

Organic searches mean that when someone searches for something on a search engine like Google, the results show up without anything interfering. This means that it meets the needs of the searcher the most and it is the most prominent result regarding what the person is searching. The results also depend on the quality and content of the actual website. Organic searches are the most valuable in regards to website traffic compared to paid searches. However, the only caveat to organic searches is that it takes quite a bit of time to get recognized and actually start generating traffic. This is because so many different companies are become more and more relevant on the internet and becoming one of the highest organic searched is very difficult. This type of strategy is just too concentrated, so that is why some have moved to paid search.

Paid Search

Paid search is a way for companies to pay these search engine companies to have their website shown at the top of the results page automatically. How much these companies are willing to pay decides where they are on the results page. The ideal place to be on the search page is at the top and on the first page. Paid search is by far the most popular strategy for advertising, however. Although it is not the most successful strategy, this type of advertising brings in 70% of all revenue for a company like Google. This is the alternative that most companies have gravitated towards because organic search takes too long and the internet is too crowded to have that work for most companies successfully.

Which one is Better?

Overall, the basic goal for companies is the same, generate views on the website to attract people to buy whatever they’re selling. The way companies do this is different and depends on what what kind of strategy they use. Paid search vs organic search is a huge decision for companies to make when deciding how to advertise online. Both have pros and cons, however, organic search is more successful overall. There is so much competition nowadays that companies are forced to pay and compete for this advertising space. It depends on the company’s needs and overall goals to decide whether or not to pay for search results or let them happen organically.