Make Your Website Mobile

In 2007 Apple changed the world as we knew it forever. They introduced the first iPhone and cellphones were never the same again.  Much like the introduction of the first cellular phone changed how people went about their daily tasks, the iPhone provided a brand-new way for people to consume content.  As a result, texts, emails, phone calls and web browser were all done on the same device. In the years that followed people moved away from traditional desktop computers and towards mobile smartphones.  This move was so impactful that companies had to start optimizing their websites for smartphones.

At first, many websites were simplified for these new smart devices. Many sites displayed the contact information for a business for users to contact the company. Smartphone companies made great improvements to their products. This allowed users to spend more time on their phones browsing the web.  Soon people were completing their amazon purchases on their smartphones without ever sitting in front of their computer. Most large companies were able to make the adjustment to mobile internet browsing fairly quickly. These companies employ large teams of marketers and I.T. professionals in order to make sure they are caught up with the current user trends.  However, small companies were slower to adapt to mobile internet use.

Tools to Make Websites Mobile

There are still many small businesses that don’t have a website that is optimized for viewing information on a 3.5″ screen. In a recent post from, only 59% of small businesses have a mobile friendly version of their website.  There are plenty of options available to a website owner to ensure his or her website is enhanced for viewing on mobile devices.  Most website creation companies now will offer a mobile optimized version of the website included at no additional cost.

Website builders like or  allow users to add the mobile version for no additional cost above the subscription.  Not all small business websites need to be set up with a payment portal.  Some small businesses are not trying to sell items onlineThese companies still need a mobile friendly version of their site.  Service companies need to allow their customers to check schedules and make appointments. Some customers might want to keep up with company news and blog posts.  Anyone who has a website needs to have a mobile friendly version available to users.

The World is Going Mobile, Are You?

Image of the Following Mobile Devices; iPad, iPhone and Apple AirPods Headphones.

Mobile Devices

More and more younger generations are ditching the large expensive desktop computers for small tablets and smartphones.  Recent projections for desktop computer sales predict the steady decline through 2022. In the coming years, users will no longer feel the need to own large desktop computers that tether them to the wall. Laptop computers are projected to remain constant over the coming years with no signs of significant growth. Tablets have been on a decline since 2014.

Mobile is Trending

This trend indicates that users are choosing between the computing power of a laptop or the convenience of a smartphone.  The decline in tablet sales is attributed to the popularity of larger screen size smartphones. These new devices are bridging the gap between tablets and smartphones. Smartphone sales are projected to increase through 2021 according to a worldwide survey.  It is also important to note the way users are browsing now.  According to a continuous study by, in 2017, 63% of web traffic came from mobile devices.  Smartphone users also stayed on sites longer and viewed more pages in a site from their mobile device.

The internet offers small businesses a way to reach more customers. Mobile customers can be targeted based on their location if the website is designed to function properly on a mobile device.  Google business is a useful tool for targeting customers based on their location. Companies are able to send coupons to your customers when they check in to stores or locations that match your product offerings. Mobile websites open up business owners and content creators alike to virtually endless possibilities with targeting users and retargeting customers to increase your visibility.

Now is the Time to Go Mobile

In conclusion, the digital landscape of the business world requires a functioning website.  Traditional websites are a very big part of the success of a company’s online strategy.  Future generations of web users are going to be moving. They are no longer surfing the web from one room in their house.  They are visiting websites from the park in their neighborhood, the gym and while they are traveling around town. In order to stay in front of your users in the online world, content creators and website owners need to make sure they have a fully functioning mobile friendly version of their website available.