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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing approach of maximizing organic visibility and traffic through search engines by ranking factor variables. Successful SEO will bring a website high visibility to the mass user base of companies like Google and Bing via their search engine results page (SERP). Improving your online presence can increase the value you are able to provide. Companies that specialize in search results use many algorithms to apply ranking factors as a way to promote quality and relevant websites to their users. Building an SEO strategy is an art and can take a significant amount of time to fine tune a website. One main key to successful SEO is the use of external links to websites that have already established a high ranking (also referred to as anchor text). The software that companies like Google use to “crawl” a site will find these links and therefore your site. The volume and quality of links pointing from your own site to another are important, but having another website create a link to your site can have an even greater impact over time. An article posted on ( talks about the importance of these links to your overall SEO marketing strategy, but they specifically talk about two main factors that will impact your site from an SEO perspective: The first being Popularity and the second being Relevancy. The information must be seen and must be relevant to the content on the referencing site. Therefore, a motorcycle website to post your article about tropical flower care may not win you points in the Google ranking factor algorithms. At one point in time, the links were considered only by volume, but due to technological advances, we are far past these days. Identify websites that would have a similar customer or user base that have already established themselves online. How do you find top rated SEO companies? Easy, “Google” the words that are relevant to your site! Creating valuable content can be done in any industry and there are many types of SEO content that can be explored on ( As a quick overview, the following are referenced as having an important role in developing successful SEO content: 1) Keyword Research 2) Keyword Optimization 3) Content Organization and 4) Content Promotion. Links to your content and the content of others is part of promoting the traffic to your site. The more visitors that view your quality content, the higher your ranking and the cycle continues exponentially when utilizing these SEO tactics.

Jason Terry