The goal of any company is to generate sales, and while some believe this is primarily accomplished through increased SEO results and rankings, other companies tend to focus on their branding strategies as a viable producer of sales. These companies think about branding and SEO as two separate identities. Branding is about creating a name, design, symbol, and consumer following around a company’s products or services in order to create a strong presence in the market. Search engine optimization (SEO), however, strives for the same goal as brand strategy, but accomplishes it in a different way –– by utilizing increased relevant web traffic. What most people don’t realize, is that these two different marketing strategies should be used to support one another in order to achieve the most success. In order to develop effective strategies that encompass all aspects of a company’s goals and resources, especially SEO content and branding, it must first be understood how branding and SEO work together.

Link Building

Having valuable SEO content allows for not only increased site traffic, but also a higher website ranking. This content results in what is called link building, which is defined as, “the process of exchanging links with other websites to increase your own site’s backlinks and quality backlinks.” Link building greatly helps to increase brand identity and brand awareness for a company and as relevant links to certain company’s website grow, the company is able to get their brand message in front of much larger audiences. This type of increased awareness results in stronger customer loyalty, retained attention of consumers, and a lower customer acquisition cost.

Audience and Optimization

An additional way companies can target a much larger audience is by generating content for not only its target market, but also for the search engines. Only relying on abstract content that lacks search optimization is only sustainable for so long. Especially in a time that is so heavily focused on technology, companies must either adapt with the technological advances or be left behind. SEO experts are now a basic necessity of any company in order to create the best SEO strategy and stay relevant in the industry.

As a company in today’s marketplace, knowing how to utilize SEO keywords, digital branding, and company identity are the keys to a sustainable and successful company. It is vital that companies capitalize on what SEO and branding strategies can accomplish together in order to reach larger audiences, generate increased brand awareness, and create profit and growth for the company.


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