Link Building

SEO Link Building

Building links is very important to optimizing your SEO search. Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. Building links is one of the most important methods used in search engine optimization. Links are important because they increase the authority of your website and tell google that your website is a good resource for citation. Not only that, backlinks are vital because the search engine determines which sites rank for which SEO keywords. There are many different white hat methods you can use to build links to your website.

Link Building Process

Before you start obtaining links, there are few important things I recommend you do for website optimization. You first need to invest in getting original data and research. You don’t have to do this, but it will really help your SEO building, because current and previously unpublished insights will mean earning website backlinks whenever anyone writes a new blog article or social media post that references your findings. In the beginning of your link building process, the easiest way to obtain back links is to ask people you know. People such as your relatives, friends, partners, clients that have a website or blog. It is important that you ask for a back links that are in-content links instead of a sidebar or footer. Before you ask them for their back links, make sure their website is relevant to your website content. The next step in creating backlinks, is to build good relationships. There are many different opportunities you can use to start, such as finding forums, blogs, or social groups that will have related content to your website. To gain a relationship with these different communites, you can start by contributing to their discussions. Eventually as you gain a relationship with these different communities, you will gain good, relevant backlinks for your website. To go a long with building relationships, giving a testimonial will help because its an opportunity to get high quality backlinks.

After you have built a relationship with different communities, you can start a blog. Don’t build a blog with only one post, make sure you are posting often about content relevant to your website. This will bring more people to your blog, and you will gain more authority for your website. Your next step is to make sure your list your site on trustworthy directories, by linking them to bad ones, it can hurt your image and trustworthiness with google. As we were talking earlier about posting on different websites, it is also a good idea to write a good guest post on an article. When you write a guest post, make sure your writing is well-written, professional and interesting. These are only a few steps, but this little guideline will help tremendously. These few steps are to help people who don’t have much knowledge to building links. This guideline will get you started, and will definitely help you as you begin optimizing links to your website.


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