What is SEO Implementation? SEO or search engine optimization is an online marketing tool that utilizes search engines to drive traffic to your site. When businesses struggle to obtain site traffic, many times the culprit is poor SEO implementation or no SEO implementation at all. If your Website is still relatively young, you are probably asking yourself questions such as how do websites and SEO fit together?

Maybe you’re wondering does SEO even works anymore? Many successful websites out there credit the success of their website to a good SEO strategy plan and the value it brought to their website. So, what is SEO value? Its simply the value a business receives from using search algorithms to obtain a higher keyword rank. If you want your website to be a success story, you’ll need a good SEO plan. A lot of you are probably still wondering where to start with SEO. I’m going to discuss a couple of basic SEO techniques that you can implement on your own to keep Your SEO simple. Because the last thing you want is to get to a place where you start asking yourself what’s wrong with my SEO plan? While simple, these ideas should be at the top of any SEO to do list. The first idea I want to talk about is the importance of knowing your online customer.

I know some you just rolled your eyes and maybe eve yawned. But like it or not, this is very crucial for the success of your website.Try putting yourself in the shoes of the visitors to your site. What do they like? what do they dislike? The truth of the matter is, whether you spend $5,000 on your website, or $500,000, you won’t get any of the traffic you want if your possible clients aren’t the center of attention as relates to your website. The second idea I’m going to address is proper landing pages. So please do the world a favor and redo your landing page to make it more SEO optimized. What I’m saying here is consider What do online users see when they hit your homepage. If you offer leather jackets just come out and say it. Stop using vague statements on your landing page that honestly lead nowhere. If you offer leather jackets, stop saying the most affordable, or the most comfortable. What does that even mean? The most affordable what? The most comfortable what?

Nobody has the time or the patience to try and guess what it is you offer on your site. Last but most certainly not least, think of your mobile customers. If your site is unfriendly to customers on a mobile device, perhaps you should just shut down your website now. It’s just like a relationship, if you don’t take care of your online clients, someone else is going to. Like many people out there, you feel like words don’t always paint a clear enough picture you need to see for yourself what SEO looks like in action. So, for all you readers out there, I would like to refer you to a couple of websites that can provide a clearer picture.

The first website is called Tutorials Point. This site provides very simple video SEO tutorials for beginners, so you can start implementing SEO on your own. The second website is a little different that Tutorials Point but it still has its uses when it comes to doing your own SEO work. This site is called Moz blog.  Moz blog offers advice from industry experts, and useful tips to keep in mind when you’re doing your own SEO work. so I highly recommend visiting these two sites to get a more in-depth idea of what your unique SEO needs are.