Keyword research is a signifiant business activities to help firms obtain valuable database of marketing filed and determine comparatively accurate promotional decisions. To start with processing a keyword research, a search engine will enable to search keyword as a basic tool. Since a keyword research processing is a complicated and long-term costly mission, researchers are responsible to pay more attention on the steps of proceeding.

Initially, before conducting a keyword research, brainstorming a list of hypothesis ideas about the range of phrases that may related to the product or service the firm provide. It may take much time but a list of efficient and valuable keyword phrases will be useful for the further research steps. Correct positioning of the company’s products, qualification, culture, human resources and category these keywords based on the target market. It is important that firms need to identify what is the best phrase to describe their product or service from high to low relevant. The content of the website is also significant, the organic traffic of keyword searching both based on what content the firm created for the site.  Furthermore, in order to increase the possibility of obtaining contemporary competitive advantages, an consistent analyze of competitors are required for site research. Review the competitors websites, brought out the most frequently used key phrases and compare to the company’s.

A good keyword research tool enable the firm to gain more organic keyword, and provide the insight perspective to explore more potential keyword. For instance, Google Adwords is a pretty simple used and paid tool for firms to search information and build for keyword searching. Google Adwords searching based on either the website URL or any keyword, the terms that related to types of business the firms entered. Once typed in the relative keywords, Google will display the competitive keywords based on the keyword that given to it. Not only the organic keywords will be shown on the relative keywords, but also the competitors’ organic search as well. The tools basically used for help firms know about how much similar keywords suggest and how many general information and traffic are processing through keyword searching.

After determine the keyword obtained by conducting the research on Google Adwords, which can be replaced by any of the useful tool as the firms like, an analyze will be needed to complete before the final decision. Before value the keywords, the choices of selecting relevant keywords need to be narrow down, selected the highly and closely relevant phrase that can represent the firm’s product or service. Moreover, take these relevant phrases moving to conversion rate, which will give a comparatively simple ideas of how valuable of these phrases. Considering the consumer’s point of view when conducting the evaluation, also thought as competitors as well. The firms would like to start considering the determination depend on the volume of the organic keyword searching, the advantages of entering with the search result and the entering barriers from industry competitors. A firm may try several distinct keywords researching tools to compare, and use the keyword searching tools once a period of time to follow up and trace the further data.