Jordan Wistner

Keyword optimization plays a huge role in a companies search traffic and overall chance of converting these consumers into customers and increasing sales.  This topic is a crucial first step in search engine marketing for firms who are trying to increase their traffic on their website.  As mentioned in an article on WordStream written by Ken Lyons, “if you do a bad job at selecting your target keywords, all your subsequent efforts will be in vein.”  What Ken is saying is that if you don’t succeed at choosing relevant keywords in your marketing efforts, the rest of your efforts will mean nothing because regardless of what you do, you wont have any traffic to your site.  This idea of keyword optimization is the foundation of a well put together seo website.  Choosing what your target keywords will be and how relevant they are will determine how much qualified traffic comes to your site, give you a good idea on your traffic potential as well as many other very important drivers of success for your company and its website

One of the most important things in keyword optimization is that one of the first things a viewer should see on your website is keywords they searched for.  For example, your description on your page should include your highest ranked keyword that people search for to make sure that your website will be one of their top results.  It doesn’t hurt to include it many times throughout your description as well.  The more those keywords are in there, the higher chance of your website being listed number one in search results.  Also, within your website, the highest ranked keywords should be included in your title of your website which could also mean in the URL as well.  Doing these two things with your website will guarantee that your website traffic increases.

Also, as you focus more resources on your keyword optimization, you get a feel for what your consumers and potential consumers want or need.  Analyzing the keywords your customers are using can lead to great insight on what their behaviors are.  This means that you can better accommodate them because you’ll have a better idea of what they want or need.  From this point, you should take what words they use and also account for related terms as well.  You will want to make sure that in your keyword optimization phase, you think about related terms that people can search for and make sure that your website incorporates them.  This will greatly increase your traffic.

In working with related terms as well as specific terms, you will want to focus on keywords that are also less competitive than other keywords.  The idea behind this is that when you’re a newer, not as established, site then you won’t be able to compete with more mature sites and should focus more on the less competitive, less popular words for your site.  Although this may not seem favorable, this tactic will still greatly increase the amount of traffic you receive to your website.

Another thing to consider, also highly underrated, is the use of your keywords in images on your site.  You will want to make sure that any images on your site include your most relevant and heavily used keywords.  If possible, make sure the images have keyword text on them in any way you can.

Keyword optimization as mentioned before is a very important initial step in search engine marketing for a firm and although just a small part, this is search engine optimization.

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