In today’s society everyone is doing business through their smartphones, and the importance of a mobile friendly website is at an all time high. Since April 2015, Google has let marketers know they have put an emphasis on having a website that is mobile friendly. Knowing what it takes to have a beautiful website on the desktop and mobile device can seem complex. Here are three tips on how to create mobile website and receive high SEO scores on your website.

TIP #1 Speed is Key

The first step to create a mobile website is to simplify your desktop website and create a mobile site that loads lightning fast. Today’s consumers have an emphasis on speed like never before. The attention span to wait for a website to load gets smaller and smaller. If your site does not load properly on the mobile device, users will give up and go on to the next website to solve their problem. Some keys to speeding up your website design is using a page layout optimizer that automatically converts pictures, text, and links to faster usability. Creating a mobile friendly website can optimize your mobile SEO and is very important to determining your ranking. To review insights on page speed and learning how to make web pages faster on all devices, check out Google’s PageSpeed Insights here.

TIP #2 Present your Perfect self

Next, the reality is more consumers will access your website through their mobile phones than through a computer. That means you must put more focus on the presentation of your mobile friendly site. There a few key factors to optimize the user experience on your smartphone website.  When making a mobile website it is important to remember the screen is much smaller than a computer and adjustments must be made. Font sizes must be in readable fashion, many mobile sites just convert from the desktop font, leading to small font that users must pinch and zoom to understand your content. Click buttons must be large enough that consumers can click with ease, there is nothing like the frustration of trying to click a small button online and hitting the link above it or below it.

Most of the top mobile web design programs allow the user to add features that make navigating through the website much easier. Some of these features including a “Back to Top Button”, a scroll button that allows user to automatically return to the top of the page. Another amazing mobile tool is called the “Quick Action Bar”, that lets visitors take action on your site fast including direct links to location, phone number, or social media pages.

TIP #3 Continuous Checks 

Finally, there are many websites on the internet that let you answer that question of “is my site mobile friendly?”. By using Googles SEO test you can get reports that show how well your website performs on your mobile site.  By typing in your domain to the URL of Googles Mobile-Friendly Test you can receive up to date results on things you’re doing right and improve on the things you may be doing wrong.  You can access Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test here.


In conclusion, the mobile view of your website is tremendously important.  Moving forward, the best mobile website designs are fast, easy, and up to date. By following the three tips to create a mobile friendly website you can rank higher on Google, attract more customers, and build your brand.


Richard Koplow

MKTG 4310