SEO Keyword Targeting 

When creating a website, you will want to find the most common used keywords or phrases viewers will use to find your website. Click here to learn more about doing keyword research and finding your best adwords. Once you find these adwords that viewers will use to find content on your site you’ll need to know how to use every single keyword to your advantage for search engine optimization. A few ways use SEO keyword targeting are as follows:

HTML <title> Tags:

Tags are very important when it comes to keyword targeting. This is the only meta information that directly influences google ranking and relevance on a search engine. A few ways to increase you search results through your <title> tag is to start off with the best keywords or phrases, limit to 50 characters, and make sure the words are relevant to what is on the page. Focus on who the target market within your SEO and use keywords that are relevant for them. This should be consistent of whether your site is for products, services, informational, or other ideas. You want to be able to communicate with your readers through consistent and relevant adwords.

Meta Description Tags:

This tag is the content you will see describing the site under the link in a search engine. This is the part where you’ve got to sell your site and convince viewers to click on the website. For meta description tags, you will want to use your keywords to describe your site. Each adword is in the meta description that is also in the search bar will be bolded. This helps make your page stand out from others and will draw attention. Knowing which keywords to use in your meta description is a great way to use keyword targeting to your advantage.

Heading Tags:

Adwords are important in each heading tag when focusing on SEO keyword targeting. Using your keywords can help confirm to the viewers that your page is the correct page they were looking for. Make sure each heading tag compliments what is actually on the sites page. When headings don’t compliment what is actually on the page search engine will recognize this and rank you lower.

Document Text:

As important as it is to use your keywords, you don’t want to become repetitive. Some think that using the same words over and over again will trick seo analysis of search engines. This is not the case, make your text readable. Filling your text with synonyms and high-quality information will increase your chances of viewers finding you. Using unique phrases and adwords will be analyzed to help you get on top of google ranking. Don’t make your website sound like every other website that exists. Click here to read more on how your site can be unique and different from the rest of the websites ranked on a search engine.


When featuring an image on your webpage make sure the filename uses your keywords. This gives the search engine an idea of what your image and page could be about. Image tags in HTML give an alt attribute and this is the place to add your keywords. Describing the image and using your keywords help with seo check to rank your page and put the images in the search. Having images that help your overall site and show up on googles images page can increase your traffic.

Keyword Cannibalization:

Cannibalizing your site on a search engine can be a common occurrence when using your adwords too frequently. When focusing on keyword targeting you may not notice how often you really are using your keywords. A way to avoid cannibalizing your site would be to pay attention to your most important terms and which are targeting what specifically on each page. Pages featuring 2-4 keywords that contain the target phrase of another page that is link back to that page should avoid cannibalization. Be consistent with your work, but you need to be careful to not be overly consistent and robotic.

As you can see choosing the right adwords and using them correctly can play a huge advantage on where your website will rank on each search engine. Study to see who your target market is and find the words they will be using in their search engine. These keywords will increae you SEO and help you rank on top.

Alli Fox