What is Content Optimization for SEO?

Content optimization refers the look and the feel of the page being efficient for search engines. This is critical for SEO. This is an indirect affect on search rankings, but can be highly beneficial and help improve SEO. If your site is formatted nicely, user-friendly, and the look is attractive, this would be called Content Structure Optimization. This may get more clicks that will in time, increase your search ranks. Meaning, if more people are looking on your site and spending a decent amount of time on there, then search engines are likely to regard you site better than if there was fewer people viewing it. Your SEO content strategy should include the presentation and layout of your site.

What Should This Look Like?

The Style for SEO Optimization

Content formatting affects almost everything from text size and style to images. These are mostly all pretty basic steps that help create a user-friendly design. While there are many styles of fonts to pick from, there are more optimal fonts for user readability. Verdana is considered the best font for on-screen viewing. Initially, most of us would assume that fonts such as Arial would be good for web when in fact, the shapes of some of the letters can be confusing for the reader. The space between letters in Verdana makes a sentence easier to read and see. Do not use font size smaller than 10 points, as it gets difficult to read. See the difference in the image below. Both are using 12 point font and the only difference is the style of font, and it makes a huge difference.

Content Optimization SEO- Example of Style Differences

The Length for SEO Optimization

While we would hardly think to consider the fact that then length of a page plays a role SEO optimization, we are shown that it actually might. This helps determine whether or not your information is easy to share and easy for the engine to crawl. So is there an “ideal” length? The answer is it depends. Some shorter and easier to read content may perform better than a lengthy, in-depth piece of content. It depends on the topic.

The Size for SEO Optimization

This is the nitty-gritty of your site or the back end. Google recommends that you use pages that are smaller than 101 KB. This is not saying that small pages perform better. This is simply stating that when a page is smaller in size, it is has faster load times and more people are likely to read and link to it. No one wants to wait forever for the rest of the article to load, they are most likely to forgo reading it if the site if it takes too long. What role does this play in SEO optimization? Well if less people see your content and are not linking to it, you are less likely to be seen as reliable in the eyes of the engine. Therefore, your search rankings can be hit negatively.

The What for SEO Optimization

What you are writing about is a crucial part of how to improve SEO. If the content adds value to the readers life and is something unique, you are already miles ahead. We found a great page that gives you 10 ways to add value to your content. While considering what you are going to be sharing on your site, make sure it is fitting to what your site is all about. This means, if the company is a cupcake shop, it may not be in their best interest to post content about topics unrelated to cupcakes.

If you follow the steps above,you’re sure to have A+ Content for SEO.