Analyzing Rank Factors


There are many inputs in a website that can be beneficial to analyzing rank factors on google or another search engine. Top SEO factors according to SEOmoz include Page level link metrics, domain level link authority figures, page level keyword usage, domain level keyword usage, and page level social metrics. By Analyzing data of all of these things businesses can get a better idea of what they need to include in their website to get it ranked hire. According to the Google ranking factors these are some of the best ways to improve SEO, there are also many things to stay away from. Negative ranking factors include Malware being hosted on the site, Cloaking, Pages on the site that sell links, and content that advertises paid link on the site. There are so many features to take into account, most which you want to navigate efficiently. However, those negative factors you want to avoid.


Data analysis, survey analysis, statistical analysis and quantitative data all play a large role in how google judges your respective page. Google has insane amounts of analytics so they are very advanced in their search results tactics and only advancing faster and faster. The search volume is another big factor which draws its data from keywords searched. The data is taken from google and put into 4 different categories. Very High, high, medium, or low. Very high is considered 10,001 monthly searches and up, High is considered 1,001 to 10,000 monthly searches, medium is considered 101 to 1,000 monthly searches, and low is considered 1 to 100 monthly searches. Many things have changed over time with what google looks for in SEO but search volume will always be near the top.


Another analysis of googles search results shows the influence that quality links have on the seo for your website. Websites with links that don’t take you to some non-related site do wonders for you rank on google. This shows that the website is high quality and has more information than just the website alone, but also the other websites attached to the links. Site Speed and the more secure HTTPS have correlation with each other which also are big factors in ranking on google. Google announced in 2014 that HTTPS provides a slight boost in rank because it is more secure than HTTP. HTTPS weighs heavier in different industries such as finance, e-commerce, and health sites. This is an example of an industry-specific trend, which correlate with what the user wants in a specific industry website.


Aside from having the right words and content on the site, a study recently showed that word count on top pages has actually increased. Search engine optimization is getting more and more dynamic with so many different features. To be at the top of your industry it takes a lot of work, but analyzing the top rank factors help a lot as well. You need to do a lot of things right to be on top and there are over 200 features that google at least takes into factor.

-Corey Krueger