Identifying the Site Development Process and Players – SEO 

Search engine marketing is based on the search engine platform for Internet marketing. Therefore, enterprises need to do a good job of search engine marketing search engine, and has a comprehensive understanding. Search engine is based on a certain strategy, the use of specific computer programs to collect information from the Internet, after the information is organized and processed, to provide users with retrieval services, retrieval of user-related information displayed to the user’s system. Identifying the target is important for enterprises, here are reasons.

Having goals, and have a following plan, then start to doing it. SEO is mainly based on Google’s keyword search, with certain skills that their products are intended to customers in the Google search, appear in the first few, in order to increase the probability of each other’s clicks. However, Sem is different than SEO, Sem is a paid ad appearing on Google’s ad board, which is typically the first few Google Searches found.


Define your site’s information architecture, whether you are building a site or not, you should plan to research the site architecture you need at the beginning of your SEO project. This task can be divided into two main parts: technology decisions and structural decisions.


Technology Decisions

Your choice of technology can have a significant impact on your SEO results. There are Dynamic URLs, Session IDs or user IDs in the URL, Superfluous flags in the URL, Links or content based in JavaScript, Java, or Flash, Content behind forms, and Temporary redirects. All of these are examples of basic technology choices that can adversely affect your chances of a successful SEO project.



Structural Decisions

One of the most basic decisions about websites is about internal links and navigational structures, which are usually mapped into the site’s architecture documents.

Internal link is a web site within the link with each other in series, reasonable internal links to promote every page of the site by search engines and included, but also can enhance the user through the internal link to timely guidance to the next article or page browsing, so the internal link can be said that the essence of the site and the foundation, compared with the external link to enhance the concept of weight, internal links more like to enhance the user experience.

The purpose of internal links are improving the collection and frequency of the entire website, it is more important to guide users to timely guide to the next related page, so that the overall user experience through these appropriate internal links to connect with each other, and so on More support from the overall website traffic and quality. When websites continue to add articles and internal links at a steady frequency, the cumulative number of articles and internal links in the future is in fact very impressive.

If the only way to navigate your site is to use JavaScript navigation, you may run into problems. Some search engines may not be able to find your way to your site. If you use JavaScript navigation or other technologies that may not be visible, make sure you also have a simple HTML navigation system, such as basic text links at the bottom of the page.

Even if your navigation structure is visible to search engines. They facilitate site visitors and provide another opportunity for search engines to find other pages, provide more keywords on the page, and provide more key links to other pages.