Strategic SEO Goals

When trying to grow a brand online, there are many different ways to use SEO strategically a company has to consider. Those strategies include visibility, website traffic and high return of investments.  These strategies help to create traffic and direct a user to a certain website out off all the others out there. When propper keywords are placed into a search bar, the index of websites for those keywords are organized and presented to the person searching. When a search is conducted and the information is organized and presented to the user there is a obvious hierarchy. The web pages are organized from most relevant to least relevent, depending on the keywords placed in the search. The web browser deems what is more relevant to the users search. Many people may look at a placement of a website and think they are doing very well, since the site is at the top of the page for search results. This can be the case, when a brand has created a proper connection of keywords to their site. The right kind of key words in the site brings the right kind of searching traffic to the site. This however isn’t always the case when trying to optimize search traffic.

Websites can be at the top of the list, when typing in a keyword or words. It does not always mean that they are the best brand or website, regarding that specific search. A company can also have the wrong key terms on their website. When creating their website, companies do not always consider the fact that Google is scanning through the website and pulling out key words, in order for the software to index the site with the others. On the back-end of the sight, if the first title heading is “home” and the next is “contact”, Google thinks that these terms are the most important words featured on the website, because they are at the top of the H1 listing in the structure of the website. It is important to properly structure the HTML, in order for Google to index the website to be most productive in creating organic traffic for the website. It is important to target brand terms within the website as well as nonbranded search terms, which are specific to the core business goals. Branding methods will allow for the website/brand to be able to reach out to a larger target audience, who searches keywords, which are close to the brand. This method is highly competitive, but also highly rewarding branding effort, when done properly. Overall branding terms are critical and these SEO strategies should be geared towards increasing the organic search exposure for branded keywords. If all of these SEO methods are done correctly then the outcome will be very rewarding.