With the growing importance of SEO as an integral part of not only the marketing campaign of a business, but the business at its core we need to understand every way we can optimize our website for searches to find what there is to offer. One way to better SEO is with the smart use of native advertising on websites. This is something that is often overlooked as it isn’t thought of as important as other factors such as online branding or keyword strategies, but it is now a proven way to set your website apart from the rest. With traditional advertising on its way out, companies have to get people to visit their website which is where native advertising comes in in order to better your company’s SEO.

Native Advertising and SEO Synergy

Native advertising and SEO have not been thought of to be something that go together necessarily, but there is a synergy of these two that can be extremely beneficial to improve website traffic.Native advertising is essentially creating ads that are seamlessly integrated to the core content of a web page, so that users do not notice them or at least do not mind that they are there. The way native advertising can promote SEO is by having these advertisements show up as suggested searches when someone is searching for other content using other keywords, which will in turn get some users to click on your native advertisement and therefore help build your trust with how Google’s search engine works.

How Native Advertisements Trumps Paid Publishing 

When a company reaches out to a newspaper or publisher to write an article that then sites their website, Google notices and bumps both of their ranking down.  Obviously, this is not good for either, and in comes native advertising as a remedy for that problem. Google encourages advertising that adds value to their users and if a company can create content for Google users that does that while still being an ad they see that as a positive.

Google’s Ranking

Google also looks at how many backlinks there are to your website, the more the better. With the use of native advertisements on websites that say bloggers often frequent, it could be useful to have advertisements there that are relevant to those bloggers then those they your link onto their newest blog. It doesn’t always matter where you are getting your backlinks are coming from, but rather that you are just getting them. Although sometimes it does matter, which is where native advertising can be great for both the publisher of your link as they are getting content that enhances their website and for you because you are getting a link from a reputable source that will increase your rank with Google. If a company can create better native advertisements for well-known companies it can only increase their rank once again. The key, however, can go back to just how strong the content of those native advertisements your company can create is.