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How will you become the center of attention?  To be seen as important and to have people admire them and in social media terms “become a follower”

.  Create a following of you and your brand requires creating a connection to a network of other people.  The bigger the network connection the greater ability you’ll have to be seen as relevant and the easier it will be to connect with another market influencer. 


Building a relationship with Influencers can take several months to even years for someone to develop.  Who has had the greatest effect on you? Most people that you value are those that you spend the most time with.  When working with influencers it’s key to focus on quality and not quantity.  Being an iconic influencer requires you to be genuine and always adding value to your audience.  The ability to link with a web personalities in your niche requires you to bring value to the relationship.  Before any direct correspondence occurs you need to initiate interaction before any requests are made.


Take an interest in your Market Influencer! To do this you can start by subscribing to their blogs, newsletters, RSS feeds and podcasts (Art of SEO,464).  Through posting comments on Pinterest photos. Make thoughtful comments on the posts they make and the influence marketer will start to take recognize and want to connect with you.  Make sure that when you don’t request too early to connect.  It’s always good for them to see that you add value before asking anything from them in return.  Advocate marketing focuses less on payment, more on driving brand loyalty, which in turn multiples the number of vocal advocates. (Tap Influence).


By creating a network with your Influencer, it creates validation that convince search engines your site is authoritative and trustworthy enough to earn higher rankings (Forbes).


One of the best ways to start to warm up to your iconic influencer is to start a dialog with them on Twitter.  Having ultimate transparency is the best way to go.  This enables your followers to see that you are real and connect with you.  When the market influencers on decision making say something to which you can respond intelligently, reply to them positively.  You can also thank people publicly for recommending something (Art of SEO, 468).


An influencers network validates your relevance through “Quoting experts for articles is one of the best ways to get them to link to you or mention you on social media”. (Art of SEO).   It’s great for your site to link to interesting stories.  This will build a following to your site.  Be the source of creating interesting content rather than just linking to other content (Art of SEO, 471).


When contacting your prospective brand influencer, you want them to read what you have to say and to respond back. People love it when others are personal with them by using their name and recognizing that the person on the other end is trying to create a real connection.  When reaching out to your influencer of content make it brief and to the point so that they are more willing to read what you have written and they will be more willing to respond.


Everyone is busy, you need to realize that and know that the influencer that you are trying to reach out to is no different.  Your influencer has become famous because they cater to their audience and give their audience relevant and interesting content.


When contacting your Influencer of marketing and advertising it is very important that you follow up with them so that they can connect with you.  By following up with your Influencer of marketing and sales activities you are significantly more likely to get a response. Get them to make an association with your name and you’re in.


When sending your Influencer of market strategy an email make sure that you send it at an appropriate time. It’s usually a good thing to reach out to your Social Media Influencer in the morning or at the end of a day. Research your Data Influencer to connect through links and mentions so that you can capitalize on these new links.


To recap always be genuine in your interactions and this will pay huge dividends.  Don’t be overzealous or you may never get the connection to a particular Blog Influencer because they may see you as a Spammer.  Follow your influencers social media channels. Interact and give plenty of relevant content to your influencer.


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