Defining SEO

So what exactly is SEO? Well SEO stands for search engine optimization and is essentially the process of generating more traffic to a website through organic search engine results. This can be done in many different ways. You can do things like optimizing your title tag and meta description or using different sites to publish your content but what can you do to really put your page above the others?      

One way to enhance your SEO is through content optimization. By using content optimization you will be able to produce high quality posts while also creating the best user experience. Here are 5 key steps to bring your content to the highest quality and increasing organic traffic.

  • Readability– THIS IS IMPORTANT. In order to develop traffic you must be able to clearly communicate with your customer. Your content should be easy to read, appealing, and most importantly flow naturally.   

  • Using keywords – While this may seem somewhat obvious and straightforward it is important to be aware of the rhetoric you are using. Tools such as Google keyword planner and SEO Spider can be used to take full advantage of search engine algorithms. But be aware of keyword stuffing. If Google and other search engines notice that you are over using keywords you will not get ranked.

  • Break it down- Users are not going to want to read long blocks of text with no breaks. Use italics and bolding to really emphasize keywords. Be sure to break up your content into paragraphs to make it easy for the user to find exactly what they are looking for.

  • Links, links, links- A good way to get users to spend more time on our site is by using internal links. Not only will it help to gain more impressions by keeping the user on the site but it will also help Google understand the structure of your website. Search engine algorithms will crawl your website and look for these to establish a hierarchy.

  • Do your research. Always- While you can make your content readable and use programs like keyword planner, there is one key to content optimization that simply cannot be missed and it is doing your research. You cannot rely on keywords and internal links to produce good content if you don’t have the best possible understanding of what you are talking about. By having a clear content analysis, you will then be able to produce work that naturally flows and will attract users simply because the content generated will fulfill the users desired results.   

Understanding SEO and content optimization is fairly simple but key to taking full advantage of search engines. It is also important to note that the more high quality content you have the the more authority you are going to build with Google. So when trying to optimize your content be sure that it is readable, uses keywords, is broken down for the user, has internal links and last but not least that you have done the research.    

Gabi Siu