SEO… What does it stand for? How does it work? Why is it important?

The acronym SEOstand for “Search Engine Optimization”. This is a process for optimizing websites to get un-paid (organic) traffic from users searching on the results pages.  It involves making changes in website designs and content to make your website more popular in a search engine. The goal is to make your search enginedisplay your website at the top of the results page. To achieve this goal organizations will go through your website to help make sure that the sites rank high in the search enginesfor relevant keywords and phrases. They’re many factors that can impact and improve you search engine optimizationrankings, one of the biggest factors if content marketing. I will example below how it affect SEOand why it’s important for business owners and browsers searching the web. 

Content for Marketing 

Contentvery useful in both the search enginesand helping out your company make connections with the site visitors. The higher quality and relevant contentyou have on your website, the more likely the search engineswill rank the pages higher up on the results pages.  With effect and engaging content presented on your site, it’s more likely users will spend more time on your website and possibly make purchases. It’s important to have a variety of contentposted on your website, to keep the users involved and active on your site. Some of these factors to help better your company are:

  • Social Media Content& Outlets
  • High Quality Visuals
  • Active and Up-to-date Blog Posts
  • How to Guides and Tutorials
  • Local Events

Keywords are Major KEY

One of the most important factors to consider when creating contentfor your site is the SEOphrases and keywords. When users are searching the web for certain questions or products/service, keep the keywords simple and relevant. When creating contentfor phrases and keywords, I’ll higher chances of getting higher traffic and list the site higher up on the results page. Not only are key words a major key, but keeping all your contentfresh and updated. Most user like to see fresh contenton updating blog posts, posting daily social media outlets, visual images, and rewriting written content. This will engage users to stay connected to your site, they’ll give good referrals, and expand your audience. 


Creating content marketing definitely takes more time and effort for your SEO, but will pay off in the end for you and your consumers. Believe it or not consumers prefer high quality content and engagement with sites, to have a better experience of what your organization has to provide and offer. Write those blog post and articles, capture high quality content, create social media account, find of those popular keywords, and most importantly spend lots of time researching developing what will make your organization be the top rated and ranked search engineon googles results page!