As you begin your research about search engine optimization, you may find yourself asking what is a long-tail keyword? The definition of long-tail keyword is a “longer and more specific keyword phrase that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase” according to The length of a long-tail keyword is generally three to four words long, as opposed to short-tail keywords which are no more than two words. Because a consumer is usually farther along in the buying/search process when searching with a long tail keyword, there is a higher chance that they will make a transaction if they get to your website.

A good way to think about the importance of optimizing long tail keywords is the example of shoes. If a user searches “shoes” vs “women’s red running shoes” they will get very different results. The long tail search is much more targeted than the short tail search. Long tail optimization is an extremely important part of search engine optimization. As a shoe business, if you could rank at the top for women’s red running shoes, you are much more likely to get a sale in this instance than if you rank at the top of the shoes category alone because this customer is farther along in the buying process. There is also much less competition in long tail keyword searches due to the fact that many businesses overlook them when optimizing their search.

How do I optimize long-tail searches for my business?

Understanding long phrase keywords is a vital part of search engine optimization, but how do you go about doing that? The long-term keyword tool that is most important is quite simple: research. Putting yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and searching to find lists of words is the best way to understand which long tail keywords are most important for your business and your customers. It is important to note that the longer the keyword, the less search traffic there will be, but also the less competition there will be according to Ample long-term keyword research will allow you to access as many potential customers as possible.

Targeting using long tail keywords is a great way to utilize search engine optimization. Do your research beforehand and you will reach customers that was never possible before!