Search engine optimization (or SEO) can be a big topic to handle. Where should one start? To make easier the task of learning these skills, one should first look to themselves to understand how we search and therefore synthesize how others might search for and find you on the web! While some people may decide to hire an internet marketing company to do their internet marketing and search optimization for them, but many don’t realize that there is so much SEO training out there available even for free and that a lot of it is based on common sense.

One of the best places to begin to learn SEO is by looking at the search habits of both yourself, and people around you (your potential customers). A great place to do this is at It is a great place to poke around and to get a sense of what things people are searching for that can be integrated as a part of your website marketing to be used as SEO keywords. For example, you can find out about broad topics that are hot to search in the present moment, you can search the past (although it is not recommended), and you can also narrow your search to regions. This way, you can find out what local people are searching for in fields regarding to your website or business and be able to tailor these to fit your exact needs. For example, you may notice that people in your area are searching for “fresh flowers utah”, but currently, your website is titled “Florist Utah”, and you have no keywords relevant to what they are searching, which makes it hard to find you! You could then use this information to either bid on these google keywords or (preferably) change the title of your site or at the bare minimum, make sure that these keywords are featured somewhere on your site to drive traffic. It’s that simple!

Additionally, there are certain categories of search that are used very often in general, and these are outlined below. The most common of these are 1. Directories/Resources 2. Retail and 3. Entertainment. Most SEO services will agree that these categories are important to consider when targeting and setting up your site. It is important to note, though, that these may only be helpful in the stages before you set up your business, rather in the later stages.

There is also ample opportunity for SEO help available on the internet that is easily accessible for the curious business owner looking for affordable SEO options.  There are many SEO tools out there readily available for you so it’s best that you just go out there and try a few out! You may also search for an SEO course, although that may not even be necessary after you realize that looking at how others’ search will lead you to discover how their searches might run them into your site, and it will become a lot clearer and easier than you think to rank on the first page of Google! Now remember, look inward to find your ideal keywords and you will become an SEO expert in no time!

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